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Blue Panelled Modules.

The range of FYLDE blue panelled modules provides a very wide range of solutions to signal conditioning requirements. Stability of the measurement and flexibility of application are the key features and systems comprising these modules also provide very high reliability due to complete inter-channel isolation. A range of instrument case formats complements the available module types and any mixture of modules to fit any case format may be chosen. All modules have 10 V outputs with facilities to scale the output to suit the connecting equipment.

The following are a selection from the available types. A comprehensive set of data sheets for all modules are available for download.

Bridge /Transducer Amplifier FE-379-TA Data Sheet

The latest in a line of transducer amplifiers providing features demanded by our customer's experiences of decades of D.C. bridge applications. The bridge supply is capable of operation with Zener barriers. Two sets of on board bridge completion, high performance preamplifier, averaging auto-zero, comprehensive limit detection and wide range active filter are standard. Options include , 4-20 mA output, 8 pole filter, isolation or other high level output conditioning.

Bridge /Transducer Amplifier FE-579-TA Data Sheet

This module combines ease of use, high performance and small size. It works with all full and fractional bridge transducers. It automates both bridge balance and auto-zero which means that almost all bridge transducers will balance and null with a single button press. Front panel control is complemented by an RS232C programmable option. The module has an 8 pole filter, set by a resistor network and switched from the front panel. Remote sense of bridge voltage and shunt calibration are also provided.

IEPE Receiver and AC coupled Amplifier FE-530-IE Data Sheet

This module is for use with IEPE transducers, but may also be used as an AC coupled difefrential amplifier. It provides a choice of 4 mA or 8 mA power to the transducer with bias level monitoring. As an amplifier it has bandwidth from 0.16 Hz to > 70 kHz and featuires an 8 pole low pass filter and 2 pole high pass filter. Front panel control is complemented by an RS232C programmable option. For Charge Transducers a suitable head amplifier is the FE-074-HA/C.

Dynamic Strain Gauge Amplifier FE-537-SGA Data Sheet Application Note

The FE-537-SGA energises a remote strain gauge with an exact constant current. This allows a simple two wire connection over any distance to a standard 1/4 bridge gauge. (4 wire connection to full bridge transducers is also possible.) The dynamic signal is AC coupled and precisely amplified. The module provides an 8 pole active filter which may be set by a resistor network. Frequency response extends from < 1 Hz to > 50 kHz.

Differential D.C. Amplifier FE-351-UA Data Sheet

Offering very low noise and drift performance, this differential d.c. pre-amplifier has a gain range from x0.2 to x10,000 (0.1%) using switched attenuator and switched and vernier gain controls. Offset and calibration controls are provided. An on board auxiliary socket can accept a plug in 4 pole low pass filter. A front panel LED illuminates when fitted.

Isolation Amplifier FE-560-IA Data Sheet

The FE-560-IA is a high voltage isolation amplifier and attenuator providing galvanic isolation of up to 1500V DC or peak between signal earth and output earth. The amplifier has gains from 1/100 up to x 100 with gain accuracy typically +/-0.1% for all steps. Isolation mode rejection is better than 150 dB (at gain 100). A 3 pole active filter is included, set by a plug in resistor network, the isolation amplifier is capable of operation up to 50kHz.

Frequency to Voltage Converter FE-578-FVData Sheet

This "instantaneous" frequency-voltage converter responds almost immediately to a variation in rate of incoming pulses, e.g. when applied with a magnetic or optical pick-up . The unit is suited to any frequency measurement from 10Hz up to 50 kHz. Exceptional accuracy and linearity are combined with the very fast response to each edge of the frequency signal.

Tracking Filter FE-3051-TF Data Sheet

The FE-3051-TF is a frequency controlled tracking bandpass filter with a range of 20Hz to 1kHz, intended for application in vibration measurement. A Tachometer input may be connected via a conditioner and divider module (FE-579-FD) to allow the Tracking Filter to be centered at harmonics of the rotational speed .

Bridge /Transducer Amplifier FE-H379-TA Data Sheet

When high frequency results from D.C. bridge transducers are required, this Transducer Amplifier provides 500kHz bandwidth at 3V RMS. The module provides 0.5 V to 12 V constant voltage supply at 50 mA with balance indicators and bridge completion facilities. The comprehensive controls include balance and auto-zero, switched filter, shunt calibration, output calibration, and output scaling.

Charge Amplifier FE-128-CA Data Sheet

High performance charge amplifier with calibrated controls, covering the range 1pC to 50,000pC and developing 10V output. The amplifier has good L.F. response and quasi-static performance with high frequency response up to 100 kHz. A range switch and calibrated ten turn dial match the unit to the transducer sensitivity. A separate switch allows the number of mechanical units per volt of output to be set. The module's low pass filter cut off frequency is easily changed using a plug in resistor pack. . A compatible wide range integrator is available - see FE-294-IA.

Charge Amplifier FE-128-CA-H Data Sheet

This module is similar to the standard FE-128-CA but converts higher charge signals (up to 500,000 pC for 10V output.)

Capacitance Displacement Amplifier FE-419-CDT Data Sheet  Application Note

Designed for measurements up to 1 kHz in high temperature environments where long cables (coax or triax) are often necessary. The FE-419-CDT overcomes the difficulties of operating guarded capacitive sensors to measure clearances in applications such as turbines. The output is proportional to distance from the target and standard modules operate with transducers with target capacitance ranging from 2.5 pF down to 0.025 pF

Capacitance Displacement Amplifier FE-420-CD Data Sheet   Application Note

This module differs from the FE-419-CDT in giving greater sensitivity at the expense of reduced tolerance of cable capacitance. (2 m cable lengths are recommended.) Measurement distance depends mainly on the transducer type and can range from microns to centimetres. It is suited to applications involving extremely small distance variations and fast rise times.

Switched Active Filter FE-301-SF Data Sheet

When there is a need to remove unwanted high or low frequency noise from any signal, or when measurements must be carried out at specific bandwidths, a filter may be required. We offer filters of from 2 to 8 poles using Butterworth, Bessel or Chebyschev type response in high-pass or low-pass form. In addition it is possible to provide an input buffer which may be differential or single ended with or without gain or attenuation. A simple fixed frequency filter (i.e. without the front panel rotary switch) can also be chosen.

Charge Head Amplifier FE-074-HA/C

This true charge head amplifier can operate with long input cables and variations in input capacitance. It is available with sensitivities of 1 mV/pC or 10 mV/pC.

FE-077-DCA imageDifferential Charge Head Amplifier FE-077-DCA

The FE-077-DCA is intended for use with double ended (differential) accelerometers typically used for machine vibration monitoring. This is an ICP device powered by a current in a coaxial cable which also carries the signal to the receiver amplifier. For a compatible receiver amplifier, see the FE-530-IE.

16 Channel Digital Monitor FE-M6-DS

A 16-channel digital monitor, the M6-DS is ideal for use in any system where it will monitor the outputs and/or transducer supply from up to 16 modules. The module can measure a.c. with its built in precision rectifier scaled for RMS and also features a peak hold function. A front panel BNC socket enables additional monitoring equipment to be easily connected into circuit.

2 inch aperture instrument case FE-PE2

One of a range of instrument cases, this case accepts up to two one inch wide modules or a single two inch wide module. Power may be D.C. or mains A.C.

4 inch aperture instrument case FE-PE4

One of a range of instrument cases, this case accepts up to four one inch wide modules or two two inch wide modules. Power may be D.C. or mains A.C.

8 inch aperture instrument case FE-PE8

One of a range of instrument cases, this case accepts up to eight one inch wide modules or four two inch wide modules. Power may be D.C. or mains A.C. This unit may also be rack or panel mounted if required.

17 inch aperture instrument case FE-PE17

One of a range of instrument cases, this case accepts any combination of modules up to the full aperture width. Power may be D.C. or mains A.C. The unit is suitable for rack mounting using an optional rack mounting kit.


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