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Structural Monitoring

Low frequency high stability measurements for long term monitoring of loads, stress, and other structural parameters
Applications include civil engineering, architecture and infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, dams and power plants

Structures are relatively slow moving large assemblies where measurements are typically long term low frequency. They may be related to traffic or seismic movement or structure loading due to wind, wave, or other forces. Structures are prone to lightning strikes and usually have long cable runs and multiple sensors.

Stability is key to structural measurements. Instrumentation must remain stable for the long term without significant influence from temperature or other environmental factors.




  • The Fylde FE-374-MTC is a dual channel isolated signal conditioner which is aimed at the mixture of transducers often used for structural monitoring.

  • As well as Wheatstone Bridge type transducers, these include servo-accelerometers (sometimes called force-balance accelerometers) which are highly stable accelerometers with excellent low frequency characteristics.
  • Low frequency filtering with excellent phase matching from channel to channel is included.