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Fylde Product Gallery

Here you will find examples of our work.

FE-596-CDT – Capacitive Displacement Transducer Measurement System.

MM16 – 16x Card Rack.

FE-316-DFN Dual Channel Dynamic Strain Amplifier

FE-359-USB, Data Acquisition USB interface card.

FE-396-FV, Dual Frequency To Voltage Card.

FE-386-TC, Dual Thermocouple Amplifier

FE-366-TA, Dual Transducer Amplifier Card.

FE-376-IPF, Dual channel AC coupled amplifier with constant current source.

FE-3540-USB. USB interface card.

FE-346-CA, Dual Carrier Amplifier card.

FE-366-AZ, Auto Zero card.

FE-813-USB, USB interface card.

Fylde Electronic Laboratories,

Fylde Road,



PR1 2XQ.